31 Cases Of Drink-Driving In Kerry Last Month

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GARDAI are urging people heed the anti drink and drive message after there were 31 cases in Kerry detected in December.

In spite of all the advertising campaigns, it appears the anti-drink driving message is being ignored by some members of the public.

Recent statistics in Kerry for drink driving revealed it is younger drivers who are the main offenders.

Gardaí are urging people to get a taxi or a designated driver to take them to or from where they are socialising and not to take any chance regarding consuming alcohol and getting behind the wheel.


  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Are we surprised!

    Unlike the Healy-Rae’s (who I voted for in the last election. But, may not in the next election), I profoundly disagree with any drink driving on our nations roads weather it’s the M7 or a bog road in the back of the beyond!

    Why not give a life time ban to any driver caught drink driving!
    I bet there would be a permanent reduction in the number of drink driving on our nations roads.

  2. 31 ? Dont make me laugh…I live in the town center and what i see on a regular basis drink driving etc the Gardai have lost total control over the town compared to what it was 15 years ago.. Kerry is now lawless state and a free for all… You wont see any Gardai on the roads or on the streets at weekends and seeing people shouting and roaring till all hours off their heads on drink is a sorry state,,,,,Tralee its a sad sad place to live now..!!