Four Historical Properties Up For Sale In Tralee

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WITH the sale of  the Green Cottage next to the KDYS on Denny Street last month, we decided to take a look at other historical properties that are currently up for sale around the town. 

Main Road, Oakpark Cottage

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The Cottage on the main road Oakpark.

Many of you may have wondered as you stopped at the traffic lights coming down from Killeen to turn onto Oakpark road.  Does anyone actually live in that quaint little cottage?

Well it is up for sale and listed as an office building. It would seem like an ideal student pad – no close neighbours and near to Subway.

Cloghers House 


Cloghers House in Cloghers.

Tucked away behind Clogher Li, near to Lidl, is Cloghers House. It’s up for sale with an asking price of €360,000.

There is a very strong Rose of Tralee connection here. The house was once owned by the Mulchinock family who were wealthy merchants in the town and owned a mill where Heaton’s is now. William Mulchinock wrote ‘The Rose of Tralee’, apparently inspired by a beauty called Mary who worked as a kitchen maid at the stately home.

Kerry Protestant Hall, Ashe Street


The Kerry Protestant Hall on Ashe Street.

The clock that hangs directly over the entrance of the KPH building on Ashe St.

The clock that hangs directly over the entrance of the KPH building on Ashe St.

The former KPH building in Ashe Street directly across the street from the Courthouse was built in the 1860s and is an impressive limestone landmark of the town centre.

One of the most eye-catching features of the building is the clock that hangs over the entrance.

The KPH building was used as a disco in the 80s for teenagers that might be worth revisiting with Tralee without a nightclub!

Two bouncers would look completely at home standing outside those doors don’t you think?


Castlemorris House, Ballymullen

2014-07-18 09.02.50

Castlemorris House in Ballymullen Barricks.


Castlemorris 2

One of the rooms in Castlemorris House in Ballymullen

If you’ve got a spare €495,000 lying around, Castlemorris House in Ballymullen might be worth a gander.

Built in 1790 on the wall of the original castle by Caleb Chute who served in Tralee with the Royal Munster Fusiliers.

In 1830 it fell into the hands of of the O’Connell family, who were related to Daniel O’Connell.

The house was eventually sold by the O’Connell’s in 1920 and passed through a few people’s hands until bought be Patsy and Arthur Spring in 1975.

The new owners of the house have been there since 2006.

One of the rooms of Castlemorris house in Ballymullen.

One of the rooms of Castlemorris house in Ballymullen.



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