‘In 40 Years I’ve Never Seen Anything Like It’: ‘Frozen’ Mania Hits Tralee For Christmas

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Ann Laide of Caball’s Toy Shop on Bridge Street and Hannah O’Regan show some of the ‘Frozen’ range at the shop on Friday. Photo by Dermot Crean

EVERY Christmas brings its fad toy that every child wants, but something is different this year.

It appears the world has gone ‘Frozen’ mad with merchandise from the Disney animated movie, released last November, causing (welcome) headaches for toy stores trying to keep with demand.

Tralee is no different according to Ann Laide of Caball’s Toy Store in Bridge Street.

“Even Mattel, who make the toys got it wrong. Demand is far exceeding supply and the Anna and Elsa dolls are so scarce it’s unbelievable. They’re like gold dust,” said Ann.

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“We have some here now, but they are flying out of the shop. I have seen fads like the Ninja Turtles, Furbys and so on, but in my 40 years I have never seen anything like this,” she continued.

“We’re selling them all day, every day and it’s not just the Anna and Elsa dolls. The art sets, diaries, jewellery boxes, travel cases, anything to do with ‘Frozen’ is in high demand,” said Ann.

With a new mini-movie planned for next year and a full length one the year after, it appears ‘Frozen’ will remain the hottest item in stores for years to come.

Ann stresses that new stock is coming in all the time, but even in early November, people are advised to snap them up as the manufacturers are struggling to keep up with demand.

Don’t ‘let it go’ until the last minute seems to be the advice (sorry, couldn’t resist!).

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