45 Tralee Jobs Go As Altobridge Enters Receivership

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THERE was bad news in Tralee this morning with the announcement that Altobridge, located at Kerry Technology Park, has entered receivership and 45 people have lost their jobs.

The international technology company which was founded in 2002 by Mike Fitzgerald employed 130 people worldwide. Mr Jim Luby of McStay Luby Chartered Accountants was appointed as receiver on Friday.

He delivered the news to the 45 employees at the Tralee headquarters and it is expected the jobs at their Chinese, Malaysian and US bases will also go.

This will come as a huge shock to the town as the company had won a number of high-profile contracts over the past year and was considered one of the biggest successes at the Technology Park.

Mr Fitzgerald was replaced as company CEO in September 2013 by former Smartforce boss Brendan O’Sullivan.



  1. julie Grey says:

    Tralee is a dieing town! This is terrible news! How many factories did Tralee once have? I can remember Burlington Denny’s kingdom Tubes The Kerryman and I know its just a few! Its very sad! 20 miles out the road Killarney is thriving! I’m from Tralee had to go to Killarney for a job and damn glad to have it!

  2. karl o leary says:

    That’s terrible news.thats all tralee needs now more people ope joining the dole q’s. The so called government of this country needs to get of it ass and sort out big companies outside of the capital to get the rural parts of Ireland to get the same opportunitys as that of the capital.

  3. Thats a real bad body blow to our Town — I know that setting up a Task Force sounds Cliched — But I feel that the new Council should do so and go after software companies and other like Industries to come to our Town — We have the educated young people to work in them — The biggest dry food industry in the world Kerry Group operates out of Tralee — So precedent has been set and theres no need to talk about infrastructure as its all web related —