Now You See It, Now You Don’t…Here’s Where The Famous Painting On The Rock Has Gone

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The painting on the corner of Rock Street and Pembroke Street which has been taken down. Photo: Google Images

DID you notice something missing this morning as you were travelling on Rock Street or Pembroke Street this morning?

The painting which adorned the side of The Corner House, where the two streets meet, was absent.

Based on the famous photo of Sean Walsh rising into the sky over Brian Mullins in the 1979 final All-Ireland Final, it was adapted by the artist to replace Brian Mullins with a Cork player, with the Heineken logo on the bottom.

It was erected in the time when The Corner House was operating some years ago and has hung since reminding passers-by of the great tradition of Kerry football on the Rock (even if it features a Strand Road man catching the ball!).

Rock Street Painting 1

The wall after the painting was taken down on Thursday. Photo by Dermot Crean

The reason for its absence is a section of the frame suffered damage because of the weather recently, so  the Council decided to remove it from the wall for safety reasons and it’s being stored at their depot in Rock Street until the owner decides what he wants to do with it.

Let’s hope the painting is restored to its former glory and put back where it belongs soon.


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  1. Dermot,
    Good night
    It lasted a long time on the gable of the pub.
    Original photo taken by Kevin Coleman of the Kerryman
    Sean Walsh out jumping Brian Mullins in All Ireland Final
    Kevin gave me a copy of it many years ago
    Kind regards