Dogs Deposit A Lot Of Poop On ‘The Fat Mile’

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Presentation Secondary School students at the launch of the project back in January.

Presentation Secondary School students at the launch of the project back in January.

CAHERSLEE and the Bracker O’Regan Road, or The Fat Mile, are problem areas for dog waste according to a survey by local students.

On Friday, January 29, a Transition Year Science class from Presentation, Tralee, continued their mission to tackle the issue of dog waste in Tralee.

The group, which call themselves “If Your Dog Poops, You Scoop” hope their efforts inform the public how much of a problem dog fouling can be.

The project is the group’s entry into the Eco Unesco’s “Young Environmentalists Awards” and it consisted of them splitting into three groups and counting the piles of dog waste they could see in six different locations. Each time they found a pile, they circled it with spray-paint for members of the public to see.

The results of the groups findings in the different locations around town were:

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One side of The Fat Mile –  125 piles

Caherslee – 102 piles

The Canal – 64 piles

Skinny Mile – 42 piles

Strand Road – 17 piles

Lee Valley Walkway – 16 piles.

Ciara Sookarry, a member of the group, spoke about the project “even though we are working with the council on this issue, we urge members of the public to help us make Tralee dog waste free. The issue with dog waste also has terrible effects on people in manual wheelchairs, who may have to roll through it and get it on their hands.”

The group would like to inform people that any bag can be used to pick up the waste and it can be put into any bin. This is also not the first action the group have taken to tackle the issue. On Friday,  January 22, the group were in Tralee town doing surveys to get more information on the topic.

If you would like to keep up with the group, you can follow them on Facebook – “If Your Dog Poops, You Scoop” and Twitter – @traleepoop.

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