‘A Perspective On Climate Change’ Offered At Ardfert School

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At the ‘Perspective On Climate Change’ event on Thursday night were Conor Kearney, Principal Abbeydorney N.S., Marie O’Connell, Vice-Principal Ardfert N.S., Dr.Daniel Riordan, IMAR Research Centre, IT Tralee, Muiris O’Grady, Agri-Tech Centre of Excellence, IT Tralee, Betty Stack, Principal, Ardfert N.S, Dr.Fiona Boyle, Agri Tech Centre of Excellence, IT Tralee, Niall Trant, Agri Tech Centre of Excellence, IT Tralee and Professor Joseph Walsh, Head of the School of Stem, IT Tralee.

‘A PERSPECTIVE on Climate Change’ was held in Ardfert N.S. as part of the school’s Science Week last Thursday.

A big crowd arrived to experience the use of Virtual Reality in order to understand the impact of Climate Change.

Principal Mrs. Stack welcomed the distinguished speakers presenting on the night, namely, Professor Joseph Walsh, Head of the school of STEM at IT, Tralee
Dr. Daniel Riordan, IMAR Research Centre, IT Tralee and Dr. Fiona Boyle, Muiris O’Grady and Niall Trant from the Agritech Centre of Excellence, IT, Tralee.

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Professor Joseph Walsh gave the opening address to the crowd and explained that the Digital Cluster of Four schools (Ardfert N.S., Abbeydorney N.S., Educate Together N.S.,Tralee and Scoil Mhuire De Lourdes N.S.) were working collaboratively using the VR goggles in the classroom, the most up to date technology to inspire and stimulate the imaginations of their pupils.

Dr. Fiona Boyle gave examples of sustainable farming and Muiris O’Grady followed up with a Virtual Reality tour of a High Tech Sustainable Dairy Farm.

Muiris also explained and demonstrated how you can make your own Virtual Reality Tour with the 360 degree VR camera. This is the next step for the schools in the cluster. Each school is looking forward to producing its own  VR Tour focusing on its own unique locality.

Dr. Daniel Riordan gave a fascinating VR Demo which engaged everyone and explained how ice deposited over the centuries holds many secrets.

Studying ice cores demonstrates how ancient ice contains records of the earth’s past climate. Many of his diagrams showed the relentless and undeniable onslaught of climate change .

Many thanks were expressed to the esteemed guests for their thought provoking presentation. Thanks were also extended to the Parents’ Association who provided light refreshments for all.

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