Abbeydorney-Based Company Wins Contract For Major Scheme

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ABBEYDORNEY company, TLI is one of the companies awarded the contract to roll out ESB Networks scheme to replace every electric meter with a smart meter.

Over the next four years, 2.3 million meters will be replaced with modern smart-meters. The meters will then transmit the data back to base automatically meaning estimated electricity bills and manual meter reads by ESB technicians will soon be a thing of the past.

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ESB Networks has awarded the contract to supply meters and supporting technology to a consortium comprising Siemens Ireland and Kamstrup  A/S, while installations will be carried out by the TLI Group Limited, KN Network Services (Ireland) Limited and MD Electrical Installations Ltd..

Welcoming the news, Kerry Fianna Fail Deputy John Brassil said; “This is wonderful news for the 400 employees of TLI whose futures are now secure. The winning of this contract will also allow the company the space to expand in the future.

“The awarding of this contract to TLI is testament to the professionalism of the company, and in particular its management and staff.

“It’s expected that up to 250,000 homes will have their old meters replaced in 2019 with the remainder of premises to be completed by 2023,” said Deputy Brassil.

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  1. No privacy with these meters

    And they also supply 5G

    I hope John Brassil and TLI have enough money
    for future lawsuits…..