Increase In Women From Kerry Having Abortions In UK

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Dept health

UK Department of Health figures show a rise in women giving Kerry addresses having abortions.

SIXTY-THREE women with addresses in Kerry had an abortion in the UK last year, up significantly on the 2013 figure of 51.

The figures were gathered by the UK Department of Health and reveal that in 2014, 3,735 women from the 26 counties travelled to England and Wales for an abortion.

This is a rise nationally and the first year on year increase in Irish residents having an abortion in the UK since 2011.

It has been indicated that the total number could be higher, because many women do not give an address of their home county.

The figures come in a week when Ireland’s laws have been criticised by human rights organisation, Amnesty International, who are calling for a change in Ireland’s abortion legislation. They say, the current laws are putting the lives of women and girls at great risk.

To see a county by county breakdown of women travelling to the UK for an abortion, click here for an Irish Times article on the figures.

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