Actors And Extras Wanted For Feature Film In Tralee

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Seamus Moran is making a feature film in Tralee next month.

A FEATURE film will be made in Tralee this October and the makers are looking for local people to volunteer their services in its production in a number of ways, in return for shares in a co-op.

They are looking to cast for actors for speaking parts, as well as extras from the Tralee area, as well helping with accommodation, catering and transport for cast and crew.

Actor Seamus Moran, familiar to many from ‘Fair City’ and other TV roles over the years, has been working on ‘Skewbald’ for the last four or five years with fellow actor Michael Collins and because they failed to get funding for the project, they have set up a a co-operative called Meitheal Productions.

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They will be filming around Tralee for five days in October so they are looking for the people of the town to get involved.

The film is being made on a shoestring budget on a co-operative basis. So everyone who works one it won’t get paid, but will get a share in the co-op.

For example, if someone locally here in Tralee offers to drive cast and crew members to shooting locations and helps out on set they will get one share per half day and two shares per day.

They are also looking for people to put the actors up in accommodation and to feed cast members and crew, all in return for shares.

The movie will be about a young delinquent called Clint who gets into trouble with gangster types in Tralee and is bailed out by his grandfather, who calls in a favour from an old friend to let him go.

The condition is that Clint has to take a skewbald stallion from Kerry to Derry with his grandfather. What follows is a road movie where the grandfather tries to set Clint on a better path. Brendan Conroy will play the grandfather while Thomas Collins (Love/Hate) will play the Clint.

It is hoped to get the film shown in film festivals in Ireland and around the world if possible, so it might be worth getting involved, especially if you have a love of film.

To find out more about the production and to get involved go to their Facebook page ‘Skewbald’ by clicking here or email


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