Anti-Eviction Taskforce Protests At Tralee Court

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Anti-Eviction Taskforce protesors outside Tralee Courthouse (Custom) (2)

Anti-Eviction Taskforce protesors outside Tralee Courthouse on Thursday. Photo by Oscar Brophy

IF you were passing the courthouse on Thursday you may have seen people carrying a banner on the steps.

It was part of a protest by a Kerry group, called the ‘Anti-Eviction Taskforce’, against the  repossession of people’s homes across the country.

Barry McCarthy of the Anti-Eviction Taskforce, told that in February alone, “there were 3,006 repossession hearings in the country. From  March 1 to March 19 there was 850 hearings in Munster alone. It’s an epidemic, a land grab of the highest order.”

“I believe it’s probably illegal anyway, the massive amount [of repossessions] they’re doing,” said Tom O’Donovan of the group.

He suggested a solution to the problem – “In Ireland we have a tradition that no one would buy a repossesed home or farm. If no one buys them said then what reason would the banks have to reposses them?”

Alternatively, he said that,”the Registrar suggested that maybe the county council could buy the houses from the banks at a reduced rate. Then let the people live in them and pay rent to the council.”


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