Anti-Mosque Group Hands Out ‘No To Islam’ Flyers In Town

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The anti-Islamist flyer that was handed out by members of Pegida Ireland in the Square last Saturday.

The No To Islam flyer that was handed out by members of PEGIDA Ireland in the town last Saturday.

A GROUP who are vehemently opposed to the building of a mosque in Tralee have been trying to drum up support in the town and county over the last few months.

PEGIDA, which stands for ‘Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West’, were formed in Germany in 2014.

The group has an Irish branch, members of which were handing out leaflets in the town centre on Saturday objecting to the building of a proposed mosque in Killerisk.

Speaking on Radio Kerry’s, Kerry Today programme this morning, a representative of PEGIDA Ireland, who just gave his name as ‘Paul’, outlined the group’s anti-Islamic stance and that they intend to register their own political party called ‘The Celtic Peoples Party of Ireland’.

“Islam is taking over, all over the world,” said Paul. “No matter where they go, their first thing to do is to get a prayer house, their second is to get a mosque and after they get the mosque, their third thing is to build a mosque that’s bigger than any church in the area. Once they build these mosques, Muslims flock in,” he told host Jerry O’Sullivan.

“When they become the dominant religion [in an area] they impose their own laws on people. This has happened in France where there are Muslim-only areas and this has happened in England as well where Sharia law is enforced. They even have their own police force walking the streets making sure people adhere to their rules,” said Paul.

When the presenter asked how many members the group had in Kerry, Paul declined to say.

“We have a quite a large membership and we want to keep it secret for now before we get bigger,” he answered.

Paul said that they are to register ‘The Celtic Peoples Party of Ireland’ as a political entity and will run candidates in local and general elections, but he did not confirm if a candidate would be put forward in Kerry.

Along with an anti-immigration platform, ‘The Celtic Peoples Party of Ireland’ policies, listed on their website, include; the abolition of water charges, road tolls, property tax, the reintroduction of the Irish pound (alongside the Euro), a ban on pornography and a ban on the promotion of homosexuality.

Video of Pegida Ireland supporter handing out flyers in the town centre…


  1. I am a Christian. It is very obvious these people no nothing about Islam.

  2. Joe Loughnane says:

    There is a massive anti-Islam sentiment in Ireland bubbling under the surface. This group has my support. We must ensure Tralee does not become Ireland’s Rotherham.

    • As someone who lives in the uk I can certainly vouch for the state of the uk as Muslims have taken over large areas of the uk and huge mosques are being built across the country. Please Ireland don’t make the same mistakes and let this happen to you.

  3. Lee Murney says:

    My question is, how will both sides of the Irish handle it, both Catholic & Protestant, when the school systems are instructed how to run the public schools. Over here in Ontario, Canada, the thicker the population of Muslims, the less schools are now “ALLOWED” to even acknowledge anything to do with Christmas, Easter ect, even the teachers are not ALLOWED to wear a broach with any Christian symbol on it. At least when Christmas or holidays were celebrated years ago, the Jehovah’s Witnesses & Jewish would respectfully step outside the classroom, but not the Muslims. This may be a common new beginning ground for the North & South Ireland, if not right now then in the near future for sure.

  4. I work in a local council office in dublin , my first contact with a muslim which i didnt. Know at the time . He made a complaint about his neigbours , it was a very vague complaint he couldnt name anyone in his complaint . So he decided that every one in the complex was against him, after much debate he said he was going to take the law into his own hands . We said he cant do that as it was against the law , he got very angry and started shouting our laws dont apply to him , my law my law he kept repeating , he meant sharia law , he said. He was going to cut heads off ,it is an old folks home , he is not a very nice man , spits and courses and shouts everyday at other people living in the complex , because im a public servant i cant speak out, sweet jesus , i fear for my great grand children ,

  5. As an English man who moved to Ireland in 1992,may I please share some thoughts.I came to Ireland to work as a nurse having just qualified in England.I knew about the history between our two nations.So I was aware of possible hostility I might face.I never once got involved in argument s,took any insults on the chin,and never tried to impose English culture,ideals,religious beliefs,on any of the Irish people I encountered. No setting up English soccer team,no opening of the Union Jack pub or having a St. George’s day parade in town.I respected the Irish people and was keen to be a good ambassador for my country.Can the same be said of Immigrants in Ireland,especially those who follow Islam. No respect of Irish identity,history,culture.Just a blatant pushing of Islam,immigrant rights and disrespect of a proud nation.I can never be Irish,but I love Ireland and have made many friends whom I love dearly.I am still English,no Iceland jokes please,voted leave in referendum to leave EU,still love pie and mash,love the queen etc. But Ireland belongs to the Irish,they fought for it,they built it and they make Ireland unique.Don’t let Ireland lose its identity, it is what the whole world loves about you.