‘Antichrist’ Is Coming To Siamsa Tíre On Good Friday

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Antichrist will have its world premiere on Friday.

A NEW play which, judging by the themes explored, would appear be more suited to a Halloween release, will have its world premiere in town this Good Friday.

The Tralee-based ‘Free Radical Youth Theatre’ will host the ‘Antichrist’ play at 8pm in Siamsa Tire.

The group is Siamsa Tire’s official youth theatre and is for young people (aged from 15-20 years) who wish to develop their skills in drama and explore acting and writing for the stage.

The company is lead by Patron and Playwright Neil Flynn together with actor Jerry Fitzgerald.

With a story full of darkness, tension, black magic and strong language, ‘Antichrist’ is certainly one that plans to have audiences hooked the whole way throughout.

The idea of the play goes that, despite being warned not to go there, a group of friends head off into the countryside to a place littered with fairy forts on a weekend orienteering adventure.

They end up in a wood where they happen upon a deserted old house where they decide to spend the night.

During the night they discover a box under the sofa. In it they find a glass, dice and a board with letters and a Ouija Board.

Tickets are €10 – with the play obviously being aimed at a mature audience – and can be purchased online here or by calling the box office at (066) 7123055.

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