Kerry County Council Invites Applications For Arts Grants 2016

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Kerry County Council logoKERRY County Council are inviting applications for Arts Grants for 2016.

Under the Arts Act 2003, funding is allocated where activities, projects and undertakings stimulate public interest in the arts, promote knowledge and appreciation of the arts and improve standards of practice in the arts.

“Funding to support the arts is crucial,” stated Kate Kennelly, Arts Officer, “funding the arts in an investment in our communities, our culture, our ability to communicate creatively at many levels.”

The Arts Service prioritises spend on arts activities that reflect these core values.

Three key strategic areas for prioritisation are:

• Youth Arts and Arts in Education initiatives

• Supports to Artists in terms of career and arts practice development, promoting Kerry as a place to both create and show work.

• Strategic Partnerships that will better develop the arts locally.

The closing date for receipt of application is Wednesday, February 17, 2016 at 4pm.

In accordance with the core values of Kerry County Council’s Arts Strategy 2016 – 2021, priority will be given to festivals, events and activities that seek funding for the paid involvement / participation / mentorship / direction of professional artists.

The individual Artist Bursaries support the artistic work development of Artists based in Kerry. There are four different Bursary categories:

1. Artists’ Retreat

2. Purchase of Materials and Equipment

3. Creative Work Development

4. Further Arts Education

These bursaries offer support for the artist across a wide range of areas and applications are open to artists with significant track records in their chosen discipline.

The Artist in Schools Awards support schools who wish to give children the opportunity to work with professional artists on a specific project that enhances the curriculum without replacing the work of the curriculum.

The new, updated application forms are online now at any questions please contact the Arts Office on 066 7183541 or email

The closing date for receipt of application is Wednesday, February 17,  at 4pm.

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