‘Ask For Angela’ Campaign To Help People Feel Safer On Night Out

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Launching the ‘Ask For Angela’ campaign in Tralee on Friday were, Danny Leane of The Abbey Inn, Sgt Tim O’Keeffe, Bernie Moore of An Chearnóg, IT Tralee students Tomás Duane, Jacy Ybanez and Febielyne Nicolas (missing from photo Stephane Herrera) and David Scott of Tralee Chamber Alliance. Photo by Dermot Crean

PUBS in Tralee, supported by local Gardaí, have backed Tralee Chamber Alliance’s roll-out of the ‘Ask For Angela’initiative for people who feel unsafe on a night out.

The campaign encourages people who might find themselves in an uncomfortable situation to ‘Ask for Angela’ at the bar.

When a customer uses the code-phrase ‘Ask For Angela’, the staff in Tralee’s pubs will know that something is not right and will then help the customer by discretely removing them from the situation.

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The Managing Consultant of Tralee Chamber Alliance, Ken Tobin, said: “The ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign started in the UK in 2016. As part of our continual efforts in Tralee Chamber Alliance to help improve the nightlife in Tralee, we are adopting the campaign in the town. The local pubs, Gardaí and Tralee Chamber Alliance want to do all that we can to make sure people have a good, safe night out in our town. The ‘Ask For Angela’ initiative will help Tralee to retain the Purple Flag which confirms that Kerry’s capital town has a safe, vibrant and well-managed Night Time Economy.”

So far, 10 pubs have signed-up to be part of the ‘Ask For Angela’ initiative in Tralee and they will display posters throughout their premises to raise awareness of the campaign among their customers.

“Students from Institute of Technology Tralee have already played a key role in developing and rolling out the campaign and we hope to work closely with them further when the new academic year commences in September,” said Ken Tobin.

Some cities have begun a partial roll-out of the initiative but Tralee is aiming to be the first in Ireland to adopt the ‘Ask For Angela’ campaign throughout the town in its entirety.

Tralee Chamber Alliance will provide pubs with the necessary training to take on the ‘Ask For Angela’ campaign, while an Information Video can be viewed on various social media platforms. Posters and training packs are available to pubs from business@tralee.ie

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