At The Movies: Hard Hitting Boxing Film Hits You With Barrage Of Emotions

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Jake Gyllenhaal stars as Billy Hope in the hard hitting film ‘Southpaw’.

SOUTHPAW is definitely a film that doesn’t hold back, with the film akin to going toe to toe for 12 rounds in the ring yourself such is the range of emotions on offer throughout the film.

The plot to the film is a simple one; it follows the story of champion boxer Billy Hope (Gyllenhaal) on his journey from the top of the boxing world down to the very rock bottom of his career.

We meet him as sits atop of the world, enjoying the fruits of his labour with his loving wife Maureen (Rachel McAdams) and young daughter Leila.

In the wake of an unexpected tragedy, it can at times become difficult to watch as we watch Hope take a beating both physically and mentally.

The film starts off slow as and takes the first half an hour to get going, but we gradually warm to the rough, scarred, arrogant but ultimately vulnerable young man.

Forrest Whitaker and Gyllenhaal’s relationship in the film is a massive point in favour for this writer, with the veteran actor taking Hope under his wing in his climb towards redemption.

A hat tip must go to a personal favourite scene between the two, in which they sit and talk in training ring at night after a session.

It’s a simple exchange, but one that hits the right spot in what the film is trying to achieve in wanting the audience to feel and root for the characters.

It’s a scarily impressive transformation and performance from Gyllenhaal throughout who took on a gruelling training programme to get in shape and learn the proper boxing styles and techniques required for the film.

By the end of the film, you will be on the edge of your seat as you watch Hope and his opponent slug it out punch for punch in what is definitely one of the best boxing fight scenes you will see in a film.

In what could have been a massive risk for Gyllenhaal, this film has paid dividends after a stellar performance and for audiences, it’s one you will talking about avidly over the next week.


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