At The Movies: Pixar Have Done It Again With ‘Inside Out’

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‘Inside Out’.

At The Movies

‘Inside Out’

Review by Fergus Dennehy

PIXAR’S new film ‘Inside Out’ is an absolute masterclass of a film and is without a doubt, one of the most clever and funniest films that you will see this year.

Coming from the minds that brought us ‘Up’, ‘Monsters Inc’ and ‘Finding Nemo’, it was always going to be of a high quality.

This latest feature though could go down as one of, if not the best Pixar films out there, and that’s saying something.

The film takes the simple concept of the emotions and little processes inside our heads (dreams, imagination, memory, personality) and gives them a gives them all a wonderfully creative physical form.

Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear and Disgust are the five main emotions living inside the head and mind of our human protagonist, Reilly Anderson.

They are responsible for controlling how Reilly reacts to all the normal day to day situations she finds herself in, from school to family and friends.

Things are going well for the five main players, until Reilly and her family decide to make the big move to San Francisco, throwing all of them into a tizzy.

This writer won’t spoil the rest of the story line for you, but he can guarantee you some truly memorable characters and brilliantly clever scenes in Bing Bong (imaginary friend), the dream productions lot, imagination land and the subconscious.

It’s certainly one to bring the kids to and as with nearly all of the children’s films out there today, there’s enough jokes hidden away to have the adults laughing too.


Check out the trailer down below…

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