At The Movies: The Little Hero Lights Up The Big Screen

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At The Movies: Ant-Man


Paul Rudd is hugely likable as Ant-Man in the the newest addition the the Marvel World.

Reviewed By Fergus Dennehy

I freely admits to having had a few reservations this week as I headed into see ‘Ant-Man’, the latest addition to the hugely expansive and intricate Marvel Universe.

I’m glad to report however, that I was left feeling very impressed by the film’s end and eagerly looking forward to seeing the how the little guy fits into the myriad Marvel films coming out over the next few years.

The film tells the story of Scott Lang, a recently released ‘burglar’ who, estranged from his family, is struggling to piece his life back together.

Enter Michael Douglas as Dr Hank Pym, (comic book aficionados will know him as the original ‘Ant-Man’) who subsequently takes Rudd under his wing.

The story goes that Douglas’s Pym developed the ‘Ant-Man’ suit many years ago, but fearing the potential dangers that the technology could have in the wrong hands, hid it away from the world.

This deception is much to the anger of chilling villain Darren Cross, brilliantly played by Corey Stoll, who sets out to create his own ‘Ant-Man’ suit technology to sell to the highest bidders.

Lang is then recruited by Pym to steal this newly developed ‘Yellow-Jacket’ suit, and what ensues is an excellent blend of humor, action and emotionally charged 1hr 57 minute long film.

The film immediately starts off on a positive note largely due to the presence of the hugely lovable Paul Rudd, who brings his noted dead-pan style of humour to the role in excellent fashion.

The pacing, styling and humour in the film is absolutely spot on and I very much liked the fact that you weren’t thrown straight into the middle of a battle/action sequence from the off.

It is a film that has found the right formula and balance between getting you onto the edge of your seat with the amazing action sequences (most notably a scene involving a ‘Thomas The Tank Engine’ toy and the inside of a briefcase fight scene) and allowing the audience a chance to catch a breath, with some nicer and slower dialogue-driven moments.

You’re guaranteed to laugh out loud on a number of occasions, and you’ll definitely be in awe of the special effects utilized throughout the film.

It’s a very different spin on the superhero world that we are now well used to, the film takes everyday situations for us ‘normal sized humans’ and excellently turns them into gripping life and death sequences for the insect man.

It’s a definite must-see in my book, if only for a bit of fun at the end of the day.


Check out the trailer down below…

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