Ballyheigue School Needs Views And Votes In Short Film Competition

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A still from the St Joseph’s NS ‘I Got The Power’ video.

A BALLYHEIGUE school needs views and votes to win a short film competition.

Children from second and third class in St Joseph’s NS have entered the Trend Micro ‘What’s Your Story’ competition. They were asked to create a two minute video answering the question: ‘If you had one special power to make life online better, what would it be?’

The pupils at St Joseph’s created ‘I Got The Power’ and said “we all have the power to make life online better. Sometimes it is just a matter of taking a break from the internet and mixing with our friends so we can get a better perspective and not be too influenced by what is online. Just switch off for a break’.

They need you to 1. Click on this link then register, log in, view ‘I’ve Got The Power’, rate it and leave a comment.

They need as many views and comments as possible. Video entries with the highest views get shortlisted by the judges who decide the winners. You must be registered on the site to view and comment on each entry (once only per entry).

The overall winner will receive €2,000 and each category winner will receive €1,000. The winners will be announced at the end of May.

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