Basin Road/Low Field Junction To Get Traffic Lights

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The junction at the Low Field/Basin Road which is to get traffic lights.

IT’S an issue which has come up time and time again at Tralee Municipal District meetings, but the Council is to finally take action at a junction in Tralee.

Councillors have repeatedly brought forward motions about speed and safety issues in the Basin Road/James Street/Low Field junction area.

An analysis carried out by Kerry County Council at Basin Road last year found that speed was not an issue to warrant traffic calming measures, but Tralee Municipal District revealed on Monday that there will be traffic lights forthcoming at the junction.

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Responding to a motion by Cllr O’Brien that the Council “again assess the Basin Road for speed ramps, pedestrian crossing and proper junction control before there is a serious accident”,┬áCouncil management said Tralee MD has been successful in its request for Department funding to install a ‘Fully Adaptive Traffic Control System’ consisting of traffic lights with pedestrian facilities at the junction.

However, it may be a while yet before we see any work starting there. They are currently in the process of preparing the Section 38 approval which requires a detailed design and report and then this will have to come before councillors for consideration.

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