Beauty: The CH Guide To…. Updating Your Make Up

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Cindy Walsh applying the finishing touches to the look.

Lisa O’Mahony of went to CH Chemists get a make-up bag makeover and you can get one too next week…

IF the bottom of your make-up bag looks like your bronzer and eyeshadow got into a fist fight, it might be time to update the make-up in there.

Cindy Walsh at CH Chemists helped me decide what I should keep, and what should definitely be thrown away. We figured out what would work, with what I already have, to achieve a fresh day look…


Since I haven’t changed my foundation in about a decade, we decided to try something new.

Cindy mixed some of my own highlighter, Rimmel Good to Glow, with Clarins Everlasting Foundation.

Mix a small, roughly pea-sized, amount of highlighter with the foundation. The Everlasting Foundation will give a double wear flawless finish, while the highlighter will give your skin a beautiful glow.

The make up feels light, and fresh on the skin but with great coverage. Blush from the contour palette was applied. Then a quick spritz of fixing spray will help keep the makeup in place throughout the day, as well as feel refreshing on the skin


Cindy used the Clarins Contour Palette for the eyes. This palette has a blusher, dark contour, and lighter contour.

Cindy commented; “What a lot of people don’t realize is that instead of using it for just contouring, you can use it on the eyes. It gives a lovely day time look.”

The darker contour was applied to the eyelid. The tone was really complimentary for blue eyes. We used my own mascara, Thick and Fast, by Soap & Glory.


Cindy used the Clarins Eyebrow Palette to fill the brows. Following your own natural line, start at the middle point and brush it over until you meet the arch. Change the direction of the brush, sweeping downwards with the eyebrow.

Cindy advised; “It’s like an instant face lift. For somebody older, the difference of using a brow product is just life changing. And I’m not even being dramatic!”


We opted for a Clarins light lip Perfector lip gloss for this day look. This product gives loads of shine, but will also smooth out the lips and help to fill in any lines, giving an instant plumping effect.


This session with CH’s has definitely opened my eyes to the need to update my make up! The new look is fresh, casual, and classic.

The finished look.

• CH Chemists is asking customers to bring their make-up bag into the store from Monday to Saturday next week and they’ll show you how to update your look. (See the advert above)

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