Bridge Street Works To Continue Until Mid-December

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The paving works have now been completed on Bridge Street.

WHILE the paving works have been completed on Bridge Street, it will be another couple of weeks before the street will be open to traffic at night.

The main improvement works in the Mall/Bridge Street are now substantially complete. The paving on Bridge Street has been completed this week and that will need approximately a week to settle.

Works will continue around Bridge Street until mid December.

Following the decision by Tralee MD to part-pedestrianise the Mall, there is some additional work to be done at Bridge Street end of the existing works (at the pedestrian crossing near Caball’s) to improve safety near the pedestrian crossing and provide for new bollards.

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This work should take approximately two weeks. The new taxi bye-laws come into effect in mid-December and the above works on Bridge Street (to provide for pedestrianisation) will be completed at the same time, so it is anticipated that the street will re-open to traffic in full in mid-December so that all the new arrangements can be put in place at the same time.

Of course in the meantime, it’s business as usual for shops in the area.

Meanwhile new bicycle stands have been installed in The Mall. Also, the promised trees will not be planted in the pots installed around the Mall until late January or early February.

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  1. Trees planted in pots ??.Why don’t they get jobs in to tralee ,instead of euro shops and run down shops !. As you can see in photo ” arcade shopping center is basically empty and used as a short cut to Rock Street from the Mall and the empty former shoe shop has remaind closed since a year!. I spoke with 1 shop in particular and the estate agents are interested in raising the shop rent again. Tralee is NOT a town to invest in !. Corrupt from every corner .