Cadburys Have A €500 Voucher Up For Grabs At IT Tralee On Friday

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The Cadbury oreo sandwich bar.

CADBURYS are coming to IT Tralee on this Friday and they have a real treat for students.

The chocolate company is giving them the chance to earn some extra cash and to try out their Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Sandwich.

There will be plenty of these new bars to get your mitts on, but also a chance to nab a €500 One4all voucher between 10.45am and 2.45pm.

Cadbury will be bringing along their Perfect Match Machine, and the whole idea is to grab a partner, and while each of them concentrate on their own individual screen, they must hit the ‘match’ button when an identical image pops up on both screens at the same time. It’s much the same concept as playing a game of snap.

On the other side of the machine will be your partner’s screen. If the pair of students are successful at matching their chocolate images, a Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Sandwich will pop out of the machine and it might just be the one that comes with the €500 One4all voucher.

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