Call For Action On Dog Roaming And Dog Fouling At Rath Graveyard

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COUNCILLORS have called for better enforcement of the laws on dog fouling and for the owners to have more ‘cop-on’ about the issue, at the meeting of Tralee Municipal District meeting on Monday.

Cllr Norma Foley put forward the motion that the issue of roaming dogs and dogs fouling at Rath Graveyard be addressed on a periodic basis in an effort to address the issue.

“This is causing untold distress for people visiting the graves of loved ones in the cemetery. It’s an absolute insult that people would allow their dogs to roam freely. We have to take a proactive approach to prevent this going on,” said Cllr Foley.

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In reply, the Council said they would arrange for the dog warden to pay more regular visits there.

Cllr Sam Locke said that on Sunday night he witnessed greyhounds chasing rabbits in the cemetery and said what was going on there was “unreal”.

Cllr Toireasa Ferris said she knew of a case where a fine had been issued to someone but when challenged by the person’s solicitor it ‘went away’. Council management replied to this saying they could not secure enough evidence in that particular case to prove the offence and said dog fouling offences in general were particularly hard to prove.

“Enforcement is the only way we are going to see any improvement on this issue. I think it needs to be relayed back the relevant department that they need to start enforcing regardless of the cost or the risk,” added Cllr Ferris, who said people need to get the message that they will be brought to court and fined.

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Cllr Terry O’Brien said people need to have more cop-on. “A person who leaves greyhound loose in a graveyard? Where’s the respect there?” he said. He said dog owners out walking their pets should be challenged by the wardens and asked to produce their ‘pooper scooper’ bags.

Council management said they are now targeting areas before and after work hours when people are walking their dogs and when offences are likely to occur. They encouraged members of the public to challenge owners who let their dogs foul to make it more socially unacceptable.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    There are signs for no dogs already onsite.
    So, enforcement is the issue.

    Besides, bring a dog into a graveyard is sacrilegious.
    Shame on them for the disrespect they are doing to the dead and their relatives.

    But, sadly this is nothing compared as to the level of disrespect by mainly Muslim illegal economic migrants showed Christian graveyards on the European continent?

    Refugees Desecrate Serbian Cemetery…Camp Out on Graves: