Call For COVID Payment For Those On Maternity/Parental Leave On Return To Work

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Deputy Pa Daly.

KERRY Sinn Féin TD Pa Daly has called for parents on maternity or parental leave to be included in the Wage Subsidy Scheme upon their return to work.

At the moment, these parents are being informed by the Revenue Commissioner that they are not covered by the wage subsidy scheme and that they should claim unemployment.

Deputy Daly said; “Denying these parents the benefits of the Wage Subsidy Scheme is in direct contravention of the Maternity Protection Act of 1994 which provides that people on maternity leave are entitled to be treated as if they had been working during their maternity leave.

“The scheme was announced in March with employers encouraged to facilitate their employees by operating the scheme and retaining employees on their books.  It is disappointing to now see many workers shut out of this scheme, despite their employer wishing to include them.

May Lou McDonald has called for the Revenue to address this oversight, and I fully support this call.  Both the Minister for Finance and the Revenue have the ability to fix this quickly if they have the will to do so.”

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