Call For Designated Amenities For Children With Autism And Disabilities

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KERRY County Council has been called upon to ensure inclusion for all by providing funding and lands where feasible for the development/ extension of playgrounds for children with disabilities and designated walks and amenities in a safe and quiet environment for children with Autism.

Councillor Michael Cahill, who made the call, said he believes there is an onus on Kerry County Council to provide these amenities and facilities.

The Fianna Fail Councillor is calling on the Council to initially develop or extend one playground for children with disabilities and one designated walk for children with Autism in Kerry, in a safe and quiet environment.

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“As a Local Authority, Kerry County Council has a great record in the provision of Playgrounds throughout our county and I believe this is now a great opportunity to be a leading light in the provision of ‘Universal Access For All’,” stated the Killorglin Councillor.

Councillor Cahill said Kerry as the premier Tourist county in Ireland should lead the way in “inclusiveness”and the provision of a designated walk for children with Autism in a safe and quiet setting and a Playground that can cater for the needs of the Disabled Community, would be a giant step in the right direction.

Kerry County Council will debate Councillor Cahill’s Motion at the June meeting of the Council.

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