Call For Explanation Why Kerry Has Highest Number Of Dogs Put Down In Country

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SINN Fein Cllr Toireasa Ferris asked that an explanation be provided for the exceptionally high numbers of dogs put down by Kerry County Council, at the meeting of Tralee Municipal District on Tuesday.

Figures released in May this year by the Department of Rural and Community Development, showed that out of 422 stray or surrendered dogs, Kerry County Council euthanised 124, the highest number in the country. The other dogs were reclaimed, rehomed or transferred to dog welfare groups.

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There were 16,938 dog licences issued by the Council in 2017, or 11.47 per 100 people in the county, also the highest rate in the country.

Cllr Ferris said there was a perception that the Council was issuing licences for dogs without any restriction on the numbers being bred.

Council Management, in reply, said the following: “Kerry County Council has for many years provided a social service to the people of Kerry where old and infirm dogs are euthanised and the bodies disposed of at a much reduced rate.

This has proven to be a very popular service and was introduced initially to reduce the number of  dogs abandoned. This inflates the number of dogs put to sleep by Kerry County Council.

“The trend in number of dogs euthanised in our pound over many years has been downward. In recent times we have rehomed a large number of dogs. We also actively advertise dogs which are available for rehoming on the Council’s website.

Kerry County Council does not euthanise healthy animals if a home can be found for them but we are reliant on the public and animal welfare organisations to provide a home.”

Cllr Ferris asked that the Council investigate the breeding issue further and Council agreed to look into it.

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