Kings Of The Castle: Businesses’ Tidy Effort Continues

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UPPER Castle Street was the next stop for the Tralee Tidy Towns team in their efforts to clean up our streets.

With the help of some local businesses on the street, they did a clean up of the area yesterday morning.

“Being on the high street in the centre of the town, there is a lot of traffic and a lot of dust generated, so trying to keep the shop-face clean is a constant battle,” said Joe Mannix of Mannix Solicitors who have had offices on Castle Street for over 30 years.

Upper Castle Street is noted for having the highest concentration of  takeaways in the town, six in total.

“We’re in the middle of ‘takeaway land’ here, but I’m sure it’s difficult for takeaways to keep their place clean because their clients may discard some of their rubbish after leaving their premises on nights out,” said Joe.

“There’s a relatively high occupancy on the street, so as streets go in the town it’s not bad,” said Joe.

Tralee Tidy Towns are encouraging businesses to get involved as they try to tackle the litter problems of each street during the summer months and are appealing for more people to get involved. Already they have swept their way through Rock Street and Ashe Street.

The businesses who took part in the clean up were, Skynet Internet Café, Raja’s Kebab House, Castle Hostel, Hennessy’s Bar, BetPal, John Griffin Butchers, Four Season’s Bar, Classic Hair Studio, Mannix and Co. Solicitors, Soprano’s, CostCutters and Envy Hair Studio.

At the Tralee Tidy Town's clean up on Castle Street were, from left: Joe Mannix, Ggreta O'Rourke, Gillian Wharton Slattery, Geaoroid Ryle, Stephen O'Brian, Ackie O'Rourke, Joan O'Regan.

At the Tralee Tidy Town’s clean up on Castle Street were, from left: Joe Mannix (Mannix Solicitors), Gretta O’Rourke (Tralee Tidy Towns), Gillian Wharton Slattery, Gearoid Ryle (Mannix Solicitors) , Stephen O’Brien (BetPal), Aki O’Rourke (Tralee Tidy Towns), Joan O’Regan (Tralee Tidy Towns)





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