Chamber Asks Public To Support Businesses During Coronavirus Crisis

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TRALEE Chamber Alliance is asking the public to support local businesses over the coming weeks during the Coronavirus crisis to safeguard jobs and prevent closures.

They are also asking suppliers, service providers, landlords and lenders to businesses in the retail, restaurant, import/export, hospitality and tourism sector, to allow payments to be put on hold during the confinement period.

In a statement released today, in the wake of the new measures introduced by the Government to curb the spread of the virus, they stated; “Tralee Chamber Alliance are fundamentally aware of the extreme challenges being faced by businesses in the current crisis.

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We must acknowledge that the health and wellbeing of our community is absolutely the number one priority, and we are certain that everyone, including the business community will play their part as we face this challenge together.

Over the past week we have been engaging with our colleagues in other organisations across Kerry, with our own network of Chambers throughout Ireland, and our own members to support the call for additional supports for businesses facing hardship.

Our colleagues in Chambers Ireland later today, will again be making representations to the Minister for Business & Enterprise on fast-tracking financial aid for struggling businesses, for relief on VAT and for greater clarity on staff and employer entitlements, payment deferments and lending supports.

Further information will be provided as this evolves, through our own Social Media and through the local press.

We know that over the coming weeks many businesses, in particular those in the Retail, Restaurant, Import/Export, Hospitality and Tourism sector will experience severe difficulties, and that every business will be impacted by Covid-19.

With many strong businesses in these sectors already experiencing significant impact and cancellations, we are specifically calling on all suppliers, service providers, landlords and lenders to show restraint and compassion to protect the jobs in these businesses by putting payments on hold during the confinement period.

We are also calling on the public to do what you can to support these local businesses. Far too many local businesses have already perished in Tralee and we need the public’s support to ensure that any struggling business is still in existence in the next few months.

We would ask that the public, if they aren’t in a position in the coming days to spend time in local shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels, that they consider ‘spending it forward’ by purchasing a gift voucher now for use later or as a gift for the staff in our Health Service for the incredible work they are doing to keep us all safe, or as a Thank You to your friends, family and neighbours for a kind deed during this time.

We are dealing with an un-paralleled situation, but we ask business owners to take care of themselves and their families, and to remember that this is temporary, things will improve and please, please contact us if you need any support or advice during this challenging time.

For more information contact Ken Tobin, CE of Tralee Chamber Alliance or email our team at”

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