Christie Hennessy Festival Could Be Moving To Killarney

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THE Christie Hennessy music festival, which has been taking place in Tralee since 2011 could be moved to Killarney this year by organisers.

The two day festival, held in honour of the late singer/songwriter from Tralee, usually takes place in October and consists of two main events — The Troubadour Club on Friday and the Christie Hennessy Song Contest on the Saturday night.

The festival receives a substantial amount of funding from Tralee Chamber Alliance/Kerry County Council. It’s understood that the Chamber would like to see changes to the format of the festival to make it more appealing to the general public and music fans in general, before committing the full amount of funding.

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The festival sees local acts and up and coming musicians from around the country perform during the weekend and while it has a loyal following, it has not seen significant growth and hasn’t been successful in attracting an increase in local people attending the events in the past number of years.

The organisers, including well known musician Francie Conway from Tralee, have provisionally booked the INEC in Killarney for October 12/13, but they are still open to keeping the festival in Tralee.

The Chamber Alliance and Kerry County Council would both like to see the the festival retained in Tralee and are hopeful an agreement can be reached with organisers.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    If the Christie Hennessy music festival is moved to Killarney it will be a loss to Tralee town, in a time when so much regeneration is occurring in the town centre – it would be a step backwards.

    The Chamber Alliance can not allow this happen!

    Behind the scenes Kerry County Council will probably go out of its way to facilitate the move to Killarney.

    Kerry County Council has a history of interference which always supports Killarney at the expense of Tralee. Just look at the Liebherr manufacturing plant and M&S location fiasco for Tralee resulting in an epic win for Killarney in terms of industry and retail at Tralee towns expense.

    Kerry County Council , more like Killarney County Council!

    Any time Tralee naturally starts to take off, Kerry County Council is there to clip her wings and give the feathers to Killarney.