Cllr Calls For Paving Stones To Be Re-laid At Denny Lane

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Denny Lane

A LOCAL councillor said the paving stones at Denny Lane will have to be entirely re-laid as it is now in such poor condition.

Fianna Fáil Cllr. M. Sheehy, asked at the recent Tralee Municipal District meeting of Kerry County Council, that the Council urgently addresses the laneway linking Denny Street to The Square as its condition is dangerous.

Cllr Sheehy said there are numerous tripping hazards along the laneway which he described as being “in tatters”.

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In reply, Council Management said a road opening licence was previously granted to a service provider to undertake ducting works along Denny Lane and these have since settled.

Under the conditions of the Road Opening Licence the contractors are still responsible for this area and Tralee MD have notified the contractor for the works of their responsibilities and remediation works are being scheduled at present.

However, Cllr Sheehy asked if the contractor was responsible for the whole of the laneway and said it is in such a poor condition now that the entire paving will have to be redone.

Council Management said the contractor is only responsible for the remedial works on the area where the ducting works took place.

Cllr Sheehy said he didn’t see the point of a contractor carrying out work on part of the lane, if the Council would then have to come in to re-lay the paving stones on the entire laneway.

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