Cllr Calls For Zero Tolerance Approach To Council Tenants Causing Misery In Estates

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Cllr Sam Locke.

A TRALEE Municipal District councillor has called for changes in council tenancy agreements to give more power to the local authority when it comes to dealing with individuals who are making their neighbours’ lives a misery in estates.

Speaking at Monday’s Tralee MD meeting, Cllr Locke said residents in estates had built up safe communities over decades, only for individuals to come in to council houses and create havoc.

He said residents of a particular estate in Tralee had to call gardaí five times to a local authority house already this year due to drug-related issues and anti-social behaviour.

He said this council tenant had signed an agreement to respect the environment, the local community and the property, but in the space of weeks they had demoralised the community and flouted the law.

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Cllr Locke said the residents have nowhere to turn to for help. He said when they go to the gardaí they are told it’s the housing officials’ responsibility and when they go to the Council they are told to contact the gardaí.

He said many can’t sell their homes as they are worthless due to the actions of individuals causing misery for residents.

Cllr Locke said the vetting process needed to be tightened and a zero tolerance approach must be taken by Kerry County Council. Cllr Locke said anti-social behaviour is happening in estates around Tralee and indeed all over the county. He said the tenancy agreement needs to be changed and new legislation brought in if necessary to deal with the issue.

Tralee Municipal District Manager, Michael Scannell, said that if there’s criminal activity involved, residents have to contact the gardaí. He said the Council cannot remove a tenant without a court order.

He said prior to getting that order they need strong evidence against that party before they approach the court.

Mr Scannell said the gardaí are aware of anti-social behaviour in both private and council estates but they also rely on complaints and someone willing to give evidence in relation to illegal activity to enable them to prosecute.

He said there is an onus on people to stand up and say this is not acceptable and report it. Mr Scannell said they would continue to work with the gardaí in relation to this issue.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Cllr Locke is correct a zero tolerance approach must be taken by Kerry County Council.

    Social housing and services should be withdrawn from tenants engaging in anti-social behaviour in both private and council estates.

    Kerry County Council are a joke on this issue and the Gardaí are too.