Cllr Daly Says Green Party Leader’s Suggestion For Rural Transport Is ‘Incredulous’

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Cllr Pa Daly

KERRY Sinn Féin general election candidate Cllr Pa Daly has said, a suggestion by the leader of the Green Party that families in rural villages would share a small number of cars is incredulous.

But the Green Party said Eamon Ryan’s comments on Virgin Media One’s Ireland AM show on Wednesday morning have been badly misrepresented.

In the wake of yesterday’s comments by the Green Party leader, Cllr Pa Daly said:  “The proposal by Eamon Ryan that villages with 300 families would share 30 cars between them shows how out of touch with rural Ireland the Green Party are, it is incredulous that the leader of any party would come out with this nonsense.”

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“It shows how out of touch the party is with the reality of living and working in rural Ireland. Rural Ireland isn’t a theme park or a place for city dwellers to spend their holidays,” continued the Tralee Municipal District councillor.

Eamon Ryan (third from left) on Ireland AM on Virgin Media One on Wednesday morning.

“Cars are a necessary fact of life for all families living in rural Ireland, public transport is practically non existent and this proposal is a warning against letting the Green Party anywhere near government after the next election.”

However, a Green Party spokesperson contacted to say Eamon Ryan’s comments had been badly misrepresented.

“Eamon Ryan was not in any way calling for a restriction on cars. The proposal for the use of car sharing in rural areas is about adding an extra option for people. Many young adults in rural areas are locked out of car ownership because of spiralling insurance costs – more options are badly needed. Car sharing could help because it would give people more mobility at far less cost than owning a car.

“The Green Party are the only party that have committed in their budget submission for a huge investment in public transport of close to half a billion Euro. This would allow for a serious increase in rural transport options. No other party has come close to proposing that kind of investment in rural transport.”

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  1. Abs rubbish suggestion by Ryan. Why not try to help people in rural Ireland rather than persecuting them with ludicrous hairbrained ideas that come into his head. Overall this green agenda is not very impressive with this type of thinking.