Cllr Suggests Pathway Through Square Until Something Is Done About Surface

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A TRALEE Municipal District councillor wants to see something done about the surface in the Square and has suggested an interim measure of a new walkway through it using different paving.

Cllr Norma Foley made the suggestion at the meeting of Tralee Municipal District councillors on Monday where she had a motion that the Council take action to improve/upgrade the surface in the Square/Abbeycourt and Denny Lane after ongoing issues regarding the surface grip.

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This is the second time in four months the issue has come before the council, as at the July meeting, Cllr Toireasa Ferris had a similar request for the Council to take action.

In reply, the Council said that they had engaged the services of an independent and competent test facility to assess the slip resistance of the slab surfaces in Abbeycourt and the Square in February of this year.

Following their assessment, no areas of high slip potential were identified. They said ‘Deep Cleaning’ of the area can improve the micro-texture of the pavement and this is undertaken twice this year, most recently in September.

They are actively looking at alternative means of further improving the performance of this surface with a view to determining their suitability and performance.

Cllr Foley did not accept this reply and said that the surface in these areas is “highly dangerous” and “incredibly slippery”. She said the surface should never have been put down in the first place.

Cllr Foley said there have been numerous slippages and it’s an unacceptable situation. She said she had fallen there herself and has seen others fall.

She suggested that a temporary pathway be constructed using ordinary paving that would be safer for people travelling in the area.

Council Management said they would look at options regarding the surface and come back to Cllr Foley about the issue at the January meeting of the Tralee MD.

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  1. I agree 100% with Norma Foley. A very dangerous and slippery surface particularly in wet weather.