Cllr Wants Pilot Scheme In Tralee Area To Reduce Weight Of Schoolbags

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Cllr Mikey Sheehy

A TRALEE Municipal District councillor wants to contact local schools and the Department of Education about reducing the weight of schoolbags.

Fianna Fáil Cllr Mikey Sheehy raised the issue at the meeting of the Tralee MD of Kerry County Council on Tuesday.

Cllr Sheehy asked that as the MD moves towards improved active travel measures, especially for schools, the Council engages with the Department to roll out a pilot scheme to reduce schoolbag weights.

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Cllr Sheehy said the Council had been proactive with the active travel measures to encourage children to walk or cycle to school, but he said from the experience of his own children, there is no way they could cycle or walk to school with the weight of their schoolbags.

Cllr Sheehy wants to contact the Department and — in conjunction with the local schools — roll out a scheme to try to reduce the weight of bags and in turn allow children to cycle or walk to school.

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