Cllr Wants Rates Cut For New Businesses In Tralee Town Centre

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Cllr Pa Daly.

A TRALEE councillor is trying to get a rate cut for  any new businesses taking a premises in the town centre.

Cllr Pa Daly of Sinn Féin has a motion before the next meeting of the Tralee Municipal District of Kerry County Council, that the authority should introduce a discounted rates scheme for business taking a space, with 25% payable in year one, 50% in year two and 75% in year three. After that the full rates apply.

Speaking on Radio Kerry’s ‘Talkabout’ show with Deirdre Walsh this afternoon, Cllr Daly said rents were not the main issue for new businesses in town – as rents since 2008/09 have come down – but they were being put off by rates.

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He said a similar scheme was proposed in the old Tralee Town Council years ago but never got off the ground.

Cllr Daly said he knows of several businesses who were thinking of setting up in town but were put off by the rates which were up to 40% of the rent price.

He is hoping to get the support of the councillors at the meeting on Monday to introduce the scheme.

Cllr Daly also said that there was a lot of positivity about the town these days. He said the recent Kerry v Mayo match was a big success and he heard of many Mayo people giving very positive feedback about Tralee.

He said the new Lidl had revitalised the Edward Street area and the town centre works and the Denny Street project will see a positive transformation of the town over the next few years.

He said some Tralee people were guilty of “hiding their light under a bushel” and should talk up attractions to visiting tourists like Banna Beach, the views from the hills and mountains around Tralee rather than immediately sending them to Dingle or Killarney.

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