Council Launches Anti-Dog Fouling Campaign

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“SURE, what’s the problem? It’s only natural,” was the response given by a dog owner who was challenged by a Kerry County Council litter warden recently when confronted about leaving dog-foul on the footpath.

A new month-long campaign on dog fouling which has been launched by the local authority and aims to change attitudes and reduce the amount of dog foul across the county.

Dog foul is unsightly, unpleasant for those who encounter it and is a major concern for walkers, cyclists and wheelchair users.

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For wheelchair users and the visually impaired it can take up to two hours to clean up the mess after coming in contact with dog foul.

Further problems include a serious risk to children exposed to worms in dog foul leading to toxicariasis which in turn can cause blindness. Pedestrians slipping in dog foul have also suffered injuries.

George Dineen who is a member of Tralee Access Group operates a mechanical wheelchair. As George explains: “Sometimes it is impossible to avoid the dog foul if the path is narrow and I have to drive straight through it. It can be very embarrassing for me if I am in a shop afterwards and there is a horrible smell. I worry then if I have carried the dog foul into the shop on my wheels.”

Invariably the carer must clean the wheels and clean and vent out the smell from the vehicle they were travelling in after they get home.

The new campaign highlights the responsibilities that dog owners have in relation to the collection of all dog foul in public areas.

Through local media and social media, dog owners will be encouraged to clean up after their dogs and will be reminded that on-the-spot fines are applicable where an offence occurs. A fine of €150 can be applied by a litter warden in such a case.

There is a very clear message here, said the Cathaoirleach of Kerry County Council, Cllr John Sheahan: “Everyone who owns a dog has a clear responsibility to clear up the waste their dog may generate. Dog foul is smelly, unsightly and can cause considerable inconvenience for those who walk or cycle on it. Parents pushing small children in buggies also encounter problems with dog foul on the wheels of the buggy. The message is clean up after your dog for health, safety and environmental reasons.”


  1. The dog fouling around Tralee is utterly disgraceful & disgusting! There are certain parts of the town that are absolutely tatooed with dog dirt & it’s like dodging land mines to get past the faeces on the footpath. This disgraceful practice should be outlawed once & for all! Anyone allowing their dog to foul a footpath should be immediately fined on the spot & the fine should be quadrupled! Dog Poop is a serious danger to children as it can cause blindness in children if they accidentally come in contact with it.
    It’s about time people’s attitudes to this disgusting practice changed & changed once & for all.

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    “SURE, what’s the problem? It’s only natural,” – what a twat?