Counties Limiting Spread Of COVID-19 Should Be Allowed Open Fully Sooner Says Healy Rae

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Deputy Michael Healy Rae.

A KERRY TD has said that counties successfully limiting the spread of Coronavirus, should be allowed greater speed in reopening businesses.

With just one confirmed case of Covid 19 in the last 14 days in Kerry, Independent Deputy Michael Healy Rae is calling on the Government to use information from the Department of Health when making decisions on any future restrictions and that it should be considered on a county by county basis if necessary, to allow counties with little or no new cases to open up all businesses.

“While it would be foolish to think that the real threat of Covid-19 has gone completely, the fact that of the 260 cases nationally in the last fortnight only one of them was in Kerry, points to solid reasoning as to allow counties to open up at a faster pace of others,” said Deputy Healy Rae.

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In the last two weeks from July 15th there was a further 260 confirmed cases of Covid19, with Dublin accounting for 154 (59%) of them while Kerry accounted for one and some counties such as Roscommon, Kilkenny and Waterford have had no cases in the past two weeks.

“Many small businesses last week were looking for some good news in the July Stimulus package and while some measures are welcome, there is little in it for many local small Kerry businesses which either still remain closed or are trying to operate at a fraction of what they should be,” added the Kilgarvan man.

“The added delay in opening up some of these businesses until August 10th has caused real hardship for both those trying to run businesses and those staff who are now really struggling without an income,” Deputy Healy Rae said.

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  1. Really Hay says:

    Another populist phrase from one of the members of Kilgarvan´s peasant theatre. There should be no easing for our own security as long as thousands´s of holidaymaker, especially Dub´s and Brit´s, do stray careless around the entire country.