Daly Criticises Fine Gael Cllr’s Comments On Health Service Privatisation

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Cllr Mike Kennelly.

SINN Féin Councillor Pa Daly has criticised the comments of a Kerry Fine Gael candidate who suggested privatising the health service after a period of time if reforms did not work.

Speaking on Radio Kerry, Listowel Municipal District Cllr, Mike Kennelly, said that the current reform process by the HSE of the health system should be given another two years, but if problems — including waiting times and the trolley crisis — can’t be solved, then privatisation should be considered as a last resort.

Election candidate Cllr Pa Daly strongly disagrees with Cllr Kennelly and said privatisation  and a profit-driven health service would have a detrimental impact on health care workers and families in Kerry.

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“If given a free run, Mike Kennelly and his Fine Gael colleagues will privatise our health service and bring us towards an American model, where the less well-off struggle to meet health care costs. The people of Kerry and indeed Ireland are already struggling to make ends meet.”

“We in Sinn Féin are ready to take the lead in implementing change. Our vision is to establish a modern, world-class universal health system that is free at the point of use and available to everyone, when they need it,” said Cllr Daly.

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    This is the problem!

    Both European Unionist parties of Fine Gael and SINN Féin are clueless and hence, Wrong.

    Germany has a great health care system because it has the correct balance of public/private and non state owned charity run hospitals.

    I suggest if you are not bright enough to achieve a unique Irish solution for the HSE, then just copy from someone else with a better health system like better, Germany.

    Why aren’t European hospitals under strain like the NHS? | ITV News: