Daly Expresses Disappointment At Decision To Move Courts From Tralee Courthouse

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SINN Féin TD for Kerry, Pa Daly, has expressed his disappointment with the Courts Service decision to move courts away from Tralee Courthouse to another site in the town.

Deputy Daly says he has been informed that the Courts Service has made a decision not to refurbish the Courthouse on Ashe Street.

“This is bad news for Tralee. I was very disappointed to hear that the decision has been taken by the Courts Service to move Tralee Courthouse away from its current site,” said Deputy Daly.

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“Given the commitment in the Programme for Government to prioritise town centres, it is all the more disappointing to learn that this refurbishment, which a former Minister for Justice recently informed me had €18 million set aside, is now not going to take place.

“Due to years of under investment in Tralee Courthouse by successive governments, facilities have been allowed to deteriorate. I note they are now seeking alternative venues.

“The Denny’s site should not be used for a courthouse, or anything for that  matter, unless there is going to be an additional benefit to the town centre and town of Tralee as a result.

“Taking the courthouse from Ashe Street to the Denny’s Site on its own is not an additional benefit to the town.  Studies in Britain have shown that in order to revitalise town centres, not only should there be people living in the town, but there must be employment in the town centre also.

“Tralee Courthouse, an iconic building, was designed by a 16 year old apprentice architect in the 1840’s, constructed from limestone quarried from the green in Tralee town centre and has been central to both Tralee’s and the county’s history since the days of Daniel O’Connell.

“Sinn Féin’s view has always been that we could have developed the area in Ashe Street to include a family law court and improve facilities but the effort and imagination required to make the building fit for purpose in the 21st century could not be found.”

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    The Courts Service is correct.

    The Denny’s site should be used for a courthouse as there can be additional benefit to the town centre and town of Tralee if the historic courthouse which is redeveloped in a something else?
    A museum or something else, anything else!

    Tralee is being limited by SINN Féin TD for Kerry, Pa Daly with this type of limited agenda.
    Not open to alternative views and the positive opportunities and unlimited potential of renovating a historical building for something new that can involve jobs.
    So closed minded, why?