Damian Greer: Songs In The Key Of Life

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Damian Greer 2Damian Greer is the drummer in Midnite Cafe who next play in The Blasket on August 9. Here he takes us through the music that soundtracked his life…

Where it all began…

Glen Campbell – ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’

I must have been ten or eleven when I was introduced to music at Holy Family School Band, so when I’d go home from school I would listen to my mom’s vinyl record collection.

The song that stood out most was Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell. I used to play on the arm of the sofa and my mom, God rest her, thought the sunlight was fading the material so I switched to the other side, she never found out!

So when I heard Glenn was coming to the Inec Killarney I had to go, I was filled with emotion when he played all his hits and thought of my mom for the whole show. A few happy tears were shed.

Continued below…

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Moving on…

Phil Collins – ‘In The Air Tonight’

My teenage years were influenced by a lot of bands, but being a drummer, I listened a lot to Genesis and Phil Collins so the song that would stand out to me would be In the air tonight.

In Limbo...

Alannah Myles – ‘Black Velvet’

The music business lost it’s way for a while after that.  There was a lot of female artists making a name for themselves which wasn’t a bad thing, so the song I’d choose from the late 80s is  Alannah Myles’ Black Velvet.

Back On Track…

Bon Jovi – ‘Bed Of Roses’

In 1993, a particular favourite band of mine released a song titled Bed of Roses.  You guessed it, Bon Jovi and that was me sorted for another couple of years, actually I’m still playing their stuff in our Bon Jovee Tribute Show.


Eric Clapton – ‘Bad Love’

I think myself that when you hear a song at a particular time, you can associate that song with an event in your life, be it funny or sad. So I have to thank my cousin Artie for this album. It was ‘August’ by Eric Clapton and the song is Bad Love. We had one of the best summers ever! Cheers lad!


Train – ‘You Already Know’

This song will always stay with me it will be a reminder of when my daughter Andrea was born. I couldn’t stop playing an album by Train and that song is ‘You Already Know’. There are so many songs and artists I could keep listening to that would remind me of special people and event in my life but I’ll stop here!

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