Delay To Fenit Crane Repair Is ‘Scandalous’ Says Cllr Ferris

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Cllr Deirdre Ferris.

A LOCAL councillor has criticised the delay in repairing the crane at Fenit Pier and said it costing fisherman hundreds of euro to get their crates from their boats.

Sinn Féin Cllr Deirdre Ferris was speaking at the Tralee Municipal District meeting on Monday, referring to the fact that Fenit Pier is currently without a crane as the existing one has been sent away for repairs.

It was due back within two weeks, but it is currently over three months since it was sent away. As a result, local fishermen are currently paying €200 per lift to a private company because the Liebherr driver is not insured to lift their boxes out of their boats.

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When she asked when the crane would be returning, she was told by the Council that the crane had to be sent to the UK for specialist repairs in accordance with manufacturer’s requirements.

On detailed inspection the supplier had identified additional repairs, which required additional time of six to eight weeks for delivery of parts. It is hoped to have the repairs complete and the crane returned by early October.

She said it was a scandalous situation that the crane would be missing for nearly five months at considerable expense to fisherman who are paying their harbour fees.

Cllr Ferris said the least that the Council could do is cover the insurance so the Liebherr driver could lift out the crates.

Cllr Ferris also complained that Fenit Pier is constantly being blocked by parked cars and public traffic, particularly on days of hot weather.

She said it is a health and safety issue and as a working dock emergency access is required at all times and  Fenit Lifeboat and ambulance crews also require 24 hour access.

She wanted the Council to look into closing the entrance of the pier to non-pier related traffic in the interest of health and safety.

In reply, the Council said it is a public road, providing access to the harbour and other facilities on Samphire Island, including for anglers and fishermen and it would not be considered appropriate to close the road, given the use of the facilities by others.

The Council is currently developing a masterplan for Fenit Village which may present additional opportunities for the provision of parking facilities within the village.

In the interim, the Council will consider providing some additional road markings to restrict some parking and allow for easier access to the harbour.

Councillor Ferris said there are no markings to indicate it is a public road and the Council needed to do more to help the fishermen during what is a tough time for them.

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    So, the fish stock will decrease and the human population will increase lol.

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    The EU are flying their true colours for not giving the UK a standard free trade agreement, it is the least they could do for a former EU state who helped literally build the EU and Ireland too would benefit most.

    Could you imagine how Ireland would be treated if we tried to get back our independence when the EU turn on a nation with the 5th most powerful economy on the plaint with such ill will.
    The EU are fooling themselves as the German car industry call the UK treasure island due to the reliance they have on it for sales.

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