Deputy Daly Unimpressed With Government’s Budget Measures

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Deputy Pa Daly.

KERRY Sinn Féin TD, Pa Daly, says the Government has not done enough to help workers in the county with the measures proposed in today’s budget.

Speaking after the launch of the government’s budget proposals, Pa Daly TD has stated his firm belief that Sinn Féin’s alternative budget provides the best path forward.

“Having reviewed what the budget is delivering, I’m confident Sinn Féin’s proposals give the people of Kerry a better chance of getting though these uncertain times,” said Deputy Pa Daly.

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“Kerry has been devastated by the decline of tourism revenues and seasonal and casual workers most of all. A cut and freeze in rents, when workers are giving a third of their income to housing, would have done much, but the budget contains nothing for renters. For those looking to buy, stamp duty has only been cut for developers.”

“Businesses also need support, and we’ve proposed an extension of the rates waiver into June of next year. More capital investment and a fit for purpose wage subsidy scheme would serve Kerry businesses better.”

“When workers need certainty, the Wage Subsidy Scheme has not been extended past March as we propose.  Whilst workers and families need support to during this crisis, the government have increased the minimum wage by a paltry 10c.”

“We needed a vision for the future and the ambition to make the changes demanded by the electorate in the last election. Unfortunately, this budget did not attempt this, much less achieve it,” said Deputy Pa Daly.


  1. SF never have a positive thing to say about any Government proposal because it’s not there way

  2. Matty O'Leary says:

    I am not impressed with Sinn Féin TD, Pa Daly.

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