Did You Meet This Woman In The Abbey Inn Last Week?…

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Gloria Meier

Did you meet this German lady in The Abbey Inn last Wednesday night. She’s looking for you.

WE’VE been contacted by a German lady to see if we can find her a man.

Not just any man though! Gloria Meier from Berlin was in Tralee last week and met a guy in The Abbey Inn. He made a big impression on her and she wants to make contact with him again.

“We have talked a lot and it was a good time,” said Gloria when she contacted us on Sunday.  “But at the end of the evening I forgot to ask for his phone number or e-mail. I would love to stay in touch with him,” she said.

Gloria met the mystery man on Wednesday night in the pub. She was on a holiday in Ireland but is now back in Berlin.

So if you chatted up Gloria last Wednesday night, you can contact her via her Facebook page here

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