Playing Ducks And Drakes On Denny Street

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ONLOOKERS were amused on Wednesday afternoon to find a feathered-friend taking in the sights on Tralee’s most historic street.

What ensued was a game of ducks and drakes on Denny Street where the wandering waddler tried to avoid the friendly clutches of the KSPCA.

Duck 8

FREE THE DENY STREET ONE! ‘Donald’ behind bars in Denny Street on Wednesday.

At around 2.15pm, Wendy O’Connor, of Animal Help Net Kerry, got the call saying there was a duck loose on Denny Street, where Ivan Maher (below) from Tralee was trying to coax the duck out with bread.

Duck 1

This did the trick and the duck, who was quickly christened ‘Donald’ by onlookers, was on the move making his way down towards the Ashe Memorial Hall (below).

Duck 2

Donald stopped momentarily to gather himself near the Imperial Hotel (below) – contemplating going in for a coffee and a crust of bread – to plan his next move.

Duck 3

But those pesky humans were one step ahead and gently corralled the winged fugitive into a makeshift ‘duck-holding cell’ to wait for the KSPCA to arrive.

Duck 4

Warden of the duck prison, Olga Grudzinsaa, stands guard waiting for the KSPCA to arrive.

During this time the incarcerated duck became Denny Street’s main attraction 

Duck 5

Young Aida Long with her grandmother Ann Sheehan looking after Donald on Wednesday.

At 2.50pm the KSPCA (below) had arrived and it looked like the jig was up for our hero.

Duck 7

Bill Holmes of the KSPCA moves in to try to rescue ‘Donald’.

But the webbed-footed wayfarer made a break for it through a gap in the bars and took flight down Denny Street, past the Ashe Memorial Hall and to freedom. No doubt on his way to the Tralee Wetlands to regale his fellow feathered friends of his afternoon’s adventures in town.

Duck 9

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  1. lovely story! Beats the doom and gloom of the national press!