Election 2016: Here Are The Issues Most Important To Kerry Voters

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THE opinion poll carried out in the Kerry constituency by Ipsos/MRBI for TG4, revealed last night, asked the people who they will be voting for come February 26.

In addition to which candidates will get their No.1 votes (reported by us earlier here), a sample of Kerry voters was also asked about the importance they attached to a supplied list of national issues.

Here are the Ipsos/MRBI findings on issues of concern to voters in Kerry.

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List of Issues:

Question:  Could you tell me whether these issues are very important, somewhat important or not at all important to you?

Responses:  “Very important”

Health services – 87%    (92% of women)
Jobs and employment – 84%    (88% for 35-44 years)
Crime – 64%    (75% for 65+ years)
Broadband availability – 63%    (69% for 35-54 years)
Taxation – 60%    (68% for 45-54 years)

To what extent are you satisfied with the standard of broadband service in your area?

Dissatisfied – 39%
Very dissatisfied – 25%

Question:  Many people were forced to emigrate during the recession, do you think the economic conditions in Kerry have recovered enough for them to now return home?

Yes – 11%    (20% of 18-34 years)
No – 87%

Question:  Has your local area experienced changes in garda presence over the past few years, such as the closure of garda stations or a reduction in opening hours? If so have these changes had an impact on the safety of your local area?

64% responded that there had been a reduction in their area in recent years
75% of those who had experienced a reduction said it had had a negative effect on security  (86%  for those in the 45-54 years age group)

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