End Is In Sight As Pa Daly Elected On The 12th Count

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Cllr Pa Daly after his election this evening.

WE’RE nearly there.

Shortly  the councillors that will make up the Tralee Municipal District of Kerry County Council next month will be confirmed but it’s all over bar the shouting.

After the 12th count, Cllr Pa Daly of Sinn Féin retained his seat after getting enough transfers from his eliminated party colleague, Cathal Foley to put him over the quota.

Sam Locke is virtually certain to win the seventh seat and fend off the challenge of Anne Marie Fuller of the Green Party to take the final seat.

Fuller would have to get almost all of Pa Daly’s, Jim Finucane’s and Mikey Sheehy’s combined  surplus of 335 to beat Locke (she’s 309 behind at the moment).

Daly joins Mikey Sheehy of Fianna Fail, Cllr Jim Finucane of Fine Gael, Cllr Toireasa Ferris of Sinn Féin, Norma Foley of Fianna Fáil and Cllr Terry O’Brien of Labour as Tralee area representatives on the Council.

The 12th Count result…

Pa Daly (SF) 1,904 (+ 504)

Sam Locke (Ind) 1,305 (+ 77)

Anne Marie Fuller (Green) 996 (+ 22)


Total Electorate — 25,036

Total Poll — 13,169

Spoiled votes — 170

Turnout — 52.6%

Total Valid Poll — 12,999

Quota — 1,625

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