Ferris: ‘Pensioner Charged Twice For Property Tax’

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Toireasa-Ferris 2SINN Féin Councillor, Toireasa Ferris, has warned people to check their records to ensure they are not being charged twice for the Property Tax.

Cllr. Ferris gave the warning after a constituent had found that the Property Tax was being deducted from his pension despite the fact that he had already paid it in full.

“I would advise pensioners and other people who are getting social welfare payments to check their records to make sure that they are not being charged for the Property Tax twice,” said Cllr Ferris.

“One constituent of mine who already paid the tax in full recently discovered that his weekly pension was being docked. We checked with the Department of Social Protection and they confirmed that it was being docked to pay for the Property Tax,” she continued.

“I am hoping that this is isolated incident but if it can happen to one person then it could happen to others. The Property Tax is already a grossly unfair burden on people who struggling, never mind charging people twice for it.”

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