Martin Ferris To Attend Siamsa Event In Honour Of Royal Couple

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Deputy Martin Ferris.

MARTIN Ferris will attend the event in honour of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall in Tralee this Friday.

The Kerry Sinn Féin TD has said that he has accepted an invitation to attend the event in Siamsa Tíre which is being hosted by Kerry County Council.

Accepting the invitation, Deputy Ferris said: “While this decision may not meet everyone’s approval, I came to the conclusion, that as we move closer and closer to the eventual re-unification of our country, Republicans must continue the process of reconciliation between the different traditions on our island and with our nearest neighbours.

“When Martin McGuinness took the historic decision to meet with Queen Elizabeth it was rightly praised by most as an important step towards national reconciliation and I hope that my decision is seen in the same light.”

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  1. Matty O'Leary says:

    Well Martin Ferris as “we move closer and closer to the eventual re-unification of our country” or are we moving closer and closer to United Kingdom as in a united Ireland there will be a sizable unionist community both north and south.

    Ireland is no longer so mono cultural – Ireland is more and more multi cultural and as such less and less are patriotic to Ireland and it may be Ireland fate to be voted back into a United Kingdom in the future!
    All it take is a strong unionist party in Dáil Éireann with a referendum to be put to the new multi cultural people of Ireland.

    Sinn Féin have become confused to the difference between liberal left democracy and national republicanism and that will one day seal the Irish republics fate.

    Nat that it matters as we are only an EU state at present, so why not a British one!