Festival Countdown: The Greening Of The Rose

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The Rose of Tralee, Haley O’Sullivan, joins Brian, John and Jacqueline Higgins of Higgins Waste And Recycling in promoting a greener festival.

THE Rose of Tralee International Festival  has gone green for the good of the environment with the elimination of generators from the Market Stalls and the introduction of direct power to the main stage on Denny Street.

The General Manager of the Rose of Tralee International Festival, Oliver Hurley, said: “We spent nearly €2,000 on supplying the Denny Street stage with over 1,300 litres of oil and diesel. This year the two main generators for the stage where Union J, Walking on Cars, Derek Ryan and Friends in Low Places will perform have been converted to direct power for 2014. You could say also that a light bulb went off in our heads and it ‘LED’ to us changing our fuel and street lighting procedures.”

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CH Opticians Update

In 2013, more than a few light-bulbs went off in the heads of the organisers. Seán Murphy, who supplies the decorative Festival street lighting, converted all the bulbs to more energy efficient LED lamps, resulting in a 98% reduction in power consumption.

The Green Festival Co-ordinator with the Rose of Tralee International Festival, Rebecca Kemp, said:  “We are making a strong commitment to reduce the Festival’s impact on the environment. As the life of LED lamps is much longer than regular bulbs, 75% fewer of them will need to be replaced each year. We also continue to work with our suppliers and local businesses in Tralee to help the town become a green tourism destination.”

Once again this year, Higgins Waste and Recycling have come on board to sponsor the cost of the Festival’s refuse collection needs, helping the organisers to convert more of the waste generated throughout the five-day event into recyclables and resulting in less going to landfill.

The Rose of Tralee International Festival, with help from Green Hospitality and Greener Festivals,  continues to work with suppliers and local businesses in Tralee to help the town become a green tourism destination.

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